Double Release

Par , le 6 septembre 2022.


C’est la rentrée
et s’il y a bien une chose dont on peut profiter à Paris, ce sont les vernissages.

Un peu de culture ne fait pas de mal.


C’est pourquoi Sergej Vutuc et A La Maison Printing
vous donne rendez-vous,
mercredi 7 Septembre 2022 à la Librairie Sans Titre,
pour une Double Release
en compagnie de



Leon Zuodar ( SLOVENIA )
Jocko Weyland

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Plus d’infos via le communiqué ci-dessous :


Thursday 8 September — 18:00

Librairie Sans Titre
2 rue Auguste Barbier 75011 Paris
A LA MAISON presents


Leon Zuodar
« You are FU »
Series of 24 collages
Edition of 23

Leon Zuodar (1977, Postojna) is a Slovenian visual artist active in the field of painting, drawing, print making, fanzines and animation.
He is part of the Beli sladoled painting group (2005) and is running a reading room / fanzine open space called Zinko Tiček (2016) under the wing of Hiša kulture Pivka gallery, where he is also leading the graphic program.
Jocko Weyland
Edition open
Jocko Weyland (b. 1967, Helsinki, Finland) is the author of The Answer is Never – A Skateboarder’s History of the World (Grove Press, 2002), The Powder and Danny’s Lot (Dashwood Books, 2011 and 2015), and the short story collection Eating Glass, published in 2015 by 1980 Editions in Paris. He started the serial publication Elk in 2003, which spawned Elk books and the eponymous Elk Gallery, where he organized sixteen shows between 2006-11. In New York from 1991 to 2006 Weyland worked as an archivist for the Burns Archive, the Sygma Photo Agency, and The Associated Press Photo Library. He lived in Beijing for two years teaching English and writing a bimonthly column called « Raw China » for Vice Magazine, in 2017 Dashwood released „Geomancy » photobook from that period. Between 2013-2017 he was chief curator at MOCA Tucson. Then he moved to Mexico and work in winters as a lift operator at the Diamond Peak ski area in Nevada, what becomes currently place of living.
He has had exhibitions at Ever Gold, San Francisco, California; FakeSpace, Beijing, China; PG4S, Los Angeles, California; Franklin Parrasch, New York; Kerry Schuss, New York. 
Weyland is represented by Kerry Schuss Gallery.

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